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如何利用 Zsync 命令更新 Ubuntu 光盘镜像 attach_img

Zsync 是 Linux 下的一个命令,其作用是对已有的 .iso 文件与服务器上的 zsync 文件进行对比,然后仅下载新光盘镜像的更新部分并与旧镜像合并从而达到更新光盘镜像的目的,所以在 Ubuntu 推出新版本的时候,我们可以通过 Zsync 这个工具将旧版本光盘镜像更新(其他主流发行版如 Fedora、Debian 等等也支持 Zsync 工具)。 那么 Zsync 能够节省多少下载量呢?在 How-to Gee ...

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安装程序界面上www.ubuntukylin.com的链接错误 新人帖

安装程序界面上www.ubuntukylin.com的链接错误,直接点击会是: file:///“” 未找到文件 Firefox 无法在 /"" 找到该文件。 请检查文件名的大小写或者其他拼写错误。 请检查文件是否被移动,重命名或者删除。

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Checkbox Editor(Checkbox编辑器)在Ubuntu下的安装介绍 attach_img

Editor for the checkbox test integration framework Checkbox(复选框)测试集成框架的编辑器 Checkbox test suites and cases are written by editing different files in plain text format. This application provides a front end to those files to make it easier to edit them easily in a user-friendly user interface. Checkbox(复选框)测试套件和测试用例由纯文本格式 ...

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changelog编写参照标准 attach_img

upower (0.9.19-1ubuntu4) raring; urgency=low * Add battery_mixed_charge_energy_test.patch: Fix batteries which report the current energy (μWh), but only the full charge (μAh). Thanks Alex Hornung for the patch! (LP: #1093543) * Add battery_mixed_charge_energy_test.patch: Test case for the previous patch. -- Martin Pitt Thu, 31 Jan 2013 10:2 ...

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RunningCheckboxTestCases - 运行Checkbox(复选框)测试用例 attach_img

*温馨提示:本人英文能力有限,翻译不当之处还望大家跟帖指正,共同学习、进步!* RunningCheckboxTestCases 运行Checkbox(复选框)测试用例 Installing the PPA 安装PPA A modified version of checkbox, along with a suite of application tests is available in the following ppa. 一个Checkbox(复选框)修 ...

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Getting started with Autopilot - 开始使用Autopilot attach_img

*温馨提示:本人英文能力有限,翻译不当之处还望大家跟帖指正,共同学习、进步!* ... with-autopilot.html Getting started with Autopilot 开始使用Autopilot If you caught the last post, you'll have some background on autopilot and what it can do. Start there if you haven't already read the post. 如果你赶上了最后一篇文章, ...

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CheckboxTestCases - Checkbox(复选框)测试用例

*温馨提示:本人英文能力有限,翻译不当之处还望大家跟帖指正,共同学习、进步!* CheckboxTestCases Checkbox(复选框)测试用例 Before you Begin 开始之前 You should ensure that you have a development enviroment setup on launchpad and you can check out and check in code using bzr. If you need help at any p ...

2013-3-11 8774 2 回复

A glance at Autopilot - Autopilot一览

*温馨提示:本人英文能力有限,翻译不当之处还望大家跟帖指正,共同学习、进步!* A glance at Autopilot Autopilot一览 So, as has been already mentioned, automated testing is going to come into focus this cycle. To that end, I'd like to talk about some of the tools and methods for automat ...

2013-3-11 7151 2 回复

QA community structuring and needs - QA社区的构建和需求

*温馨提示:本人英文能力有限,翻译不当之处还望大家跟帖指正,共同学习、进步!* QA community structuring and needs QA社区的构建和需求 Discussing communication strategies, interactions with sister communities and team organization, recruitment and recognition 讨论沟通策略,与姊妹社区的互动和 ...

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Drafting testcases for ubuntu flavors - Ubuntu特色测试用例的起草

*温馨提示:本人英文能力有限,翻译不当之处还望大家跟帖指正,共同学习、进步!* Drafting testcases for ubuntu flavors Ubuntu特色测试用例的起草 Discussing the state of testcases and there use inside of ubuntu flavors. Testcases are generic and ubuntu-centric, causing confusion and ...

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Automated Tests - 自动化测试

*温馨提示:本人英文能力有限,翻译不当之处还望大家跟帖指正,共同学习、进步!* Automated Tests 自动化测试 There are a couple ways to get involved in writing automated tests. The quality team is involved in writing autopkg and autopilot tests for ubuntu packages. Autopilot tests are functional test ...

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